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Ruchex Abuoma, Incorporated Newsread™ is the world leader in online news and information. Seeks to inform, engage and empower the world.

Bearing witness to history as it unfolds and explain not just what happened, but also why, and what it means to you.
We stand for excellence in our journalism and our products.

How we work

Read Digest Explain (RDE)

Looking at the basic environment and social political zones, we tend to present our news to a common user using the most common sentence and grammatical expressions that don't need cracking of the head.

Our unique style

"This Newsread means that"

In raNewsread, we don't just pour out news in its difficult nature of understanding and so we Read meaning, Digest and Explain what happened.

—We are genuinely trusted for this!


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We are so exited to announce the expansion of our news blogging platform to our friends and users who enjoy good products and professional services.

Why Blogger?

In our services rendered, we discovered the enormous outreach of our friendly users who seek more of genuine information not just only on social medias like whatsapp and twitter, but a more detailed and we'll explained happenings around the globe.

We also want to announce the authenticity of this site which is verified by Google

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What to expect 

We expect our users to experience the very best of delivered Information at the comfort of their homes.

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Our users are encouraged to share link URLs generated by this site on legit external platforms.

Our Belief

We know there’s no short-cut for gaining genuine clicks, and the best way is to strive to consistently create good quality content which is why we stay round the clock to keep you updated.


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